The Fatback Band

Please note: This information is being shared with the consent of Bill Curtis, founder of the Fatback Band.

The Fatback Band story continues!
The FATBACK BAND New Generation are back in 2019 with a whole lotta Funk. The Fatback sound is as relevant as ever to a new generation!
“We value and love the Fatback Band family, thank you for your support for over 4 decades and I promise you that the best is yet to come! We have so many things planned for 2019, including NEW Fatback music. I’m thrilled that our music and shows are enjoyed by so many people worldwide, thank you for your love and let the funk always be with you! Hey, and enjoy the free download ‘Give Them The Funk’, see the link below” .
Bill ‘Fatback’ Curtis (founder & leader of the Fatback Band).
The Fatback Band Live Shows have rocked audiences on 5 continents!
• 14th November (Thursday) – JAZZ CAFÉ, London, United Kingdom
• 15th November (Friday) – JAZZ CAFÉ, London, United Kingdom
• 16th November (Saturday) – BUTLIN’S LEISURE RESORT, Skegness, United Kingdom
Further dates to be confirmed
‘Legendary ambassador’s of Funk’
‘Funkiest stuff I’ve ever heard’
‘The last of the great dance bands’
The Fatback Band are considered as one of the greatest live ‘party’ acts of all time. Their shows are electrifying
and are filling clubs and auditoriums of all ages from Los Angeles to Sydney.
I know you are surprised to see another note from me, I wanted to start the New Year out right by getting ahead and see if I can stay ahead. I believe I have addressed this before, I’ll make it brief remember this is from my point view and experiences.
Recently, I have been receiving quite few emails asking the question why we don’t play in the States, or when are you coming to our city. It not because we don’t want too, it’s because no agencies or promoters will book us; now I won’t go into a long detail about the reasons. I will just hit on a few. As one agent told me “we don’t have time for Fatback” in other word we don’t have time for old acts and especially one that knows how the games is played, meaning they can’t take advantage of us. Next the United State is youth orientated, after few years out there it becomes very hard to book an older act in the USA. Popular music (R&B, Jazz) it’s all about your latest hit not your legacy. Where as in other countries around the world your legacy never dies, just like in country music, the older you get the more they appreciate your music and support you. One more important thing, we are letting our Black Music culture die. There are only few really out there in the USA trying to preserve the Black Music Culture plus most of the ones who are booking music don’t know about Black Music history, the ones who did know and cared are out of the business or dead; how can you sell something you don’t know anything about?
The bottom line is money, promoters and agencies feel there’s not enough money out there for bands and they are right. There are only few out there still willing to pay and go see and hear a band perform; a live band is your best experience and people are not go out to small clubs anymore. Now, this is what it’s all about in the new world, finding like-minded people and nurturing to them. I think this is what it going to take to keep band music alive. Building a audiences online. Building our own audiences is nothing new we been doing it for years, the internet just gave us another tool to use but you got learn how to use it its very slow and painful. But always be true to yourself! You got to pay your dues, put a steady stream of music out there (2 or 3 month) and keep in mind the money is not online its your live performances out on the road where the money is and when you build that audiences that following.
I must stop now but I could go on and tell you how we got to where we are now but I save it for another day. Hope to see you on the tour.
Love and Music,
P.S. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. Please give me your take on this.
New Fatback Band Merchandise…coming soon!
The internet is full of fake, bad quality Fatback Band merchandise rip-off’s. A brand new range of official, exciting, high quality merchandise will soon be available. Be sure to check out the Fatback Band website, for everything Fatback!

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Bonnie Cehovet is a published writer and professional Tarot reader, residing in the Pacific Southwest.
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