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Artists That I Follow

Each of us has artists that we follow – we love their music, we appreciate the effort they are making to get their music out there, and we do whatever we can to support them. Here are a couple of … Continue reading

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J. Red – Soul Mop Music Group, Inc.

Life works in strange ways. I recently had the pleasure of having the Urban/RnB/Soul artist/producer J. Red brought to my attention. I was immediately drawn to his “grown people” music, which includes the EP “What’s Up”, the LP’s “Second Nature”, “Full Grown”, and “Urban Imprints”, along hit singles “In Your Dreams”, “My Bed”, “Ms. Grown & Sexy”, “My Natural Woman”, and “Notice Me”. Continue reading

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Grown People Music

What exactly are we talking about when we refer to “grown people music”? It is music for people living in the real world, and about people living in the real world. It is not kiddie bubblegum lyrics. It is not music that is tossed together in two seconds, and then tossed into the world with a price tag on it. It is real musicians, putting in real effort. It is music with soul in it, music that comes from deep within. Continue reading

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Music Revolution

Chris Rizik is talking revolution in the music world! Yes, he really is! See the article here – What he has to say is something that I for one am not surprised ot hear – and that is that what he terms “Old” music (aka catalog music) is officially new music for the first time EVER! (This according to Soundscan, the music industry’s sales tracker. ) Continue reading

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