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Last Chance!

This week in tghe world of music. Continue reading

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This Week In Music

For all artists that would like to have their work promoted here, please drop me a line at I love to point my readers in the direction of really awesome music! Perhaps I should say that the genres I prefer are R&B, Soul, and Jazz. I know … picky me! Continue reading

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Bill Curtis – “Putting Music Back Into Our Lives”

“2013” is the year to put live music back in our lives… Wishing each of you a successful and wonderful musical year. I want drop a few things on you to help you start your year out right. This is not the “Gospel”, just from my experience and observation. If you’ve going to pursue music as occupation and career, first sit down work out a business plan with short term and long term goals. It doesn’t have to be like opening a restaurant kind of plan. As simple as where you want your music to take you and where you want be musically in the next few years . Why short and long term…it’s rewarding to reach a goal. I only had long term goals when I started out it made the journey seen so long.
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Make A Joyful Noise!

It is all about making a joyful noise … put the music on, clap your hands, get up and dance! Let the music heal your soul! Continue reading

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Thank You, Souly!

Many thanks to my friend DJ Soulswede ( for the awesome header! I wander some in branding my work … Souly knows what needs to be done … and he gets it done! Kudos! Continue reading

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Welcome To 2013!

Welcome to 2013 – and what a year it is going to be! Get ready to get your music on! Support the musicians that you listen to in any and all ways – if they have a blog … follow it! If they have a website – bookmark it! (Ummm Second step – check the website out from time to time to see what is going on!) Download their free music – play it, and share it! Then go buy it! Attend their concerts, interact on their social media sites, congratulate them on their successes, send them condolences when they are going through bad times. Be a part of the process, and encourage good music! Continue reading

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