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Fatback Band Newsletter – August 2016

Please note: This newsletter is being shared with the permission of  Mr. Bill Curtis.  Fatback Band  August 2016 Newsletter Hi Guys; So excited to be coming back to the Jazz Café it been quite a while since we’ve been there … Continue reading

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Bill Curtis & The Fatback Band – January 2016

Note: Newsletter shared with permission of Bill Curtis. Happy New Year, Everybody! Peace, Love and Music! A lot of things happened in 2015. We lost a lot of great musicians last year.   I am looking forward to this year. … Continue reading

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Bill Curtis April 2015 Newsletter

Hey guys; every so often I drop a few lines about where are we now. , well we’re just where I thought we would be one day! No better off than we were ten years ago. you know all the BS they were feeding us… how all this new technology was to help you to control and made more money from our content in the long run. we are at the end of the road. this is what’s happening now. The major Labels which own about 15% of Spotify is out there trying to find buyer for Spotify for 10 Billion Dollars. a few years ago wrote in one of my newsletters, I believe if Steve Job was still around he would figure out a way we could get better compensated for our content. I ready don’t know if streaming is the answer, but that’s the way it is, this is the way it’s going to be if Apple become the largest music company in the world… let me show you how big this move would be. Do you remember how large mabell (AT&T) was and the government broke them up? Apple move is twice as large and maybe larger.

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From Bill Curtis – December 2014

Note: This is a sharing of Bill Curtis’ Fatback Band newsletter. It is being shard with his permission.
Oh yes I’m still here, spending more time trying to get more work and networking. I know you are saying well Bill isn’t it time for you to sit back? Music is my passion, and as long as I’m able I will be out there doing it! I think every musician know when it time. Right now, I feel like I have about twenty more albums in me, as a matter of fact, I know I do. They’re just waiting to bust out. On the real side, I love what I do and I’m thankful and gratefully blessed to be able to play and perform as long as I have. And to you guys out there, who have supported us over the many years…God Bless you and Happy Holidays. Continue reading

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The Payout/Gotta Change

This year is really starting out exciting, for one thing I feel great. The band is beginning to find its own new fresh sound. I’ m a strong believer of staying ahead of the curve, but it’s very hard to move out the shadows of your past, especially when the future is being driven by the past. What we’re trying to do is find that balance; to be identified with the past, but with a fresher look musically in the future. This is our covenant to our fans. Continue reading

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Bill Curtis – Private Deals Hurt The Artist

Hey guys! I hope your summer was as great as mine! As I review my summer, my granddaughter was married off and so was my God-granddaughter. I visited my old stomping ground, St. Albans, NY and hung out with some of my old musicians friends. Continue reading

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July 4th In The Big Apple

What about July 4th besides being America’s Independence Day…such a highly celebrated day among blacks. Ever since I was a child 4th July was a big celebration and nobody does better than the New Yorkers! The city that I grew up musically…I call Queens my musical home! I spend 4th July in Queens this year at a friend of mine home. We go way back growing up musically together, playing and jamming in the city when music was king, musicians was heroes, when people paid just to hear and dance to their music. Musicians were stars and they set the pace for fashion and styles they were pathfinder and New York City was the Big Apple. Continue reading

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