Fatback Band Newsletter July 2020

I want to go back to the year 2014, Fatback Newsletter. I wrote about how the high-tech guys were taking over our industry, while the industry was laying back crying about how they were losing money as well as how sales did fall. Losing money, that’s the story they told the congress. Later, Congress did a small investigation and found that it was not exactly right and they made money in some cases.

They were trying to keep the artists from getting on an equal playing field that did not happen. The internet was a place where creative artists had control of their works; and what it did was to open up a whole new frontier, “a music revolution”. Still, our industry did not embrace the change at the time. I believe if they had, we would not be where we are today, the artist that is. The music industry is doing great! But you will never hear it from them. So, where are we today, a decade later?










The opportunities are still there, but there are more obstacles between us and real money for the everyday artists who depend on their creation for a livelihood. As the tech guys come up with new platforms that benefit the artist, the majors buys them out or becomes partners with the company so they can still have control on the artists. There is a minefield out there. You must be careful where to step. Everybody wants a piece of your work and they will nickel and dime you to get it, leaving you with pennies! That is what this revolution is about…money and using us as a commodity. As soon as we wake up, we, the artists, realize that there is no money. We have got a power, but our barking is not big enough.

Here we are at another crossroad “2020”. The entertainment world will not be as we once knew it. I do not know where exactly it is going. If I did, I would definitely be on it. One thing I do know; the fans will dictate what they want and how they want it. Meaning, if they do not like it, they are not buying it.
Music was slowly making a comeback to where it once was, when it was the heart and soul of the universe before the pandemic hit us. Right now, we need music more than ever! It transforms us & it takes us to another place. It lifts us and changes our mood. What we are going through right now…we all could use a little lifting. The kind that touches your heart and soul!
Let’s stay in harmony with the human race. I love you madly.
Stay safe.
Bill ‘Fatback’ Curtis
Note: This newsletter is being shared with the permission of Mr. Curtis.

About Bonnie Cehovet

Bonnie Cehovet is a published writer and professional Tarot reader, residing in the Pacific Southwest.
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