Fatback Band Newsletter – July 2016

Fatback Band
Fatback Band  July 2016 Newsletter
Note: Newsletter shared with the permission of Bill Curtis.
Hi Guys

Sorry about our newsletter’s. I have been very business redirecting “The New Generation of The Fatback Band”, recording and putting together a hot new show. The Fatback Band New Generation will kick off their 2016 tour in Brooklyn, NY July 7th at the Metrotech Plaza downtown Brooklyn…A free outdoor concert from 12 noon to 2 pm; all Fatback for two long hours. It has been many moons since we played in Brooklyn. I can’t wait to introduce our music to our new generation of fans in Brooklyn and see a lot of our old Fatback funkerteers. I know this maybe bad timing for a lot of you, but most of the funkerteers are retired. Come on out and get your funk on again and tell a friend.
Our concert will lay out the blueprint, musically where New School got their start from, by combining, old school with new school. Yes we will be playing all your ole time favorite hits. No show would be complete without” Do the Bus Stop, Backstrok’n, Money and I Found Lovin.”
Our band personnel have changed. Along with me…on Bass: Zack Guinn, Keyboards: James Forbes, Sax: Robert Lock. Back in the lineup singing: Isabella Gordon & a young man I know you will fall in love with, our lead vocalist and Drummer: Des Humphrey. Still holding down the Guitar spot is Darryl McAlister, along with Ledjerick Woods, Trumpet. I call them “The Young Turf”

Thanks for your time! I’m out of here, but I want tell when new members come in a band the first thing we do is jam and that what we did. The tape was running and I decided to release the raw live Jam session. Des wanted to Rap on Bus Stop and Money Oh! Oh! But that’s not the way it started! The horns wanted to do Bus Stop and Des took it over. Anyway the link is below along with a little bonus from the band “Smash That Thang up Against the Wall”

(c) June 2016

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Bonnie Cehovet is a published writer and professional Tarot reader, residing in the Pacific Southwest.
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