Bill Curtis & The Fatback Band – January 2016

Bill Curtis

Note: Newsletter shared with permission of Bill Curtis.

Happy New Year, Everybody! Peace, Love and Music!

A lot of things happened in 2015. We lost a lot of great musicians last year.   I am looking forward to this year. I will be going in a few new musical directions.
I put together a new Fatback Band this summer the Fifth generation of Fatbacker. I hope we can find some work… it is hard to put the numbers together in this economy. With airfares and hotels prices continuing to go up, this year will be a challenging year for musicians. Hell! Every year was challenging to find ways to make a living doing what they love best, playing and creating music.
 I wrote about this in my 2010 newsletter.  I feel like it’s worth touching on it again; live shows and building a family. It’s not like the old days, like the old days was so great. Once upon a time you could make money from the sales of your records and that was a livelihood. If you’re thinking you can do that now, forget it. The money is gonna come from your performances. Your live shows and today’s musicians got to hit the stage like their life depends on it…  fearless, only the great ones will survive.  You want be in it for long haul and you want your fans to be with you for the long haul. I have been talking about this for the last few years.
It is not easy, even with the social sites; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It’s a full time job trying to get out there…that’s right, you gotta go out and build you an audience for your music and nurture them. Today’s music lovers want to be a part of the act, they want to know you personally and want you to be accessible to them. Yes they are your family, your musical family. The one thing I found out about those social sites they are just that, for socializing. And don’t try to use it as PR tool for your music, but to interact with your family (fans) and let them sell your music. As the ole saying goes, “Word of mouth is the best promotion. Remember this, it’s all about
1. The song
2. The Band
3. The moment, the energy you give on stage to each other.
I call it SBM .

Here are our February 2016 engagements in the UK.

Butlins Resort
Feb 5th 2016
Warren Rd. Minehead, TA24 5SH
+ 44-1643 70331
show time 9:00 pm

Nells Jazz and Blues
Feb 6th 2016
3 Northend Crescent
West Kensington
London W14
0207 792 1200

Feb 7th 2016
45 Poole Hill
0129 243 8000
Here I am in 2016, telling you, how to, like I have sold a few thousands on the net… No, but what little work I have done has shown me you can make money if you are willing to put in the time. I’m not saying you’ll sell tons of downloads or CD’s. But you’ll have control of your music; you’ll be the CEO, President, and CFO of your company. And the sad part… you won’t have anyone to blame. The internet is just a small part of the puzzle you have got to be organized. Most musician are not. You must have a business plan and you must take time to learn the music industry. If you are not willing to learn, you must hire people who knows the music industry. That’s why so many little groups don’t really see the big money. It’s time-consuming and you must be willing to live on the edge, be different and fresh, not a follower.  I must say this, if you in it to get rich you in the wrong place. If you have the love, the passion and want make a different in people lives and have the gift to create, music can be rewarding.
I promised you some new music in 2016. Below is music from fifth generation of Fatbacker, I call them “The Young Turf”.  It’s gonna be a fun year I promise you.  Give me your feedback. Don’t stop! I do listen.
Enjoy the experience of enjoying music!



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