The Way It Is

Bill Curtis May 2013

(This is the latest newsletter from artist Bill Curtis (The Fatback Band). It is being shared with his permission.)

Winter is almost gone, and it’s time to get rid of your overcoat. It’s girl watching time!!! Candy for the eyes! Funk is in the air! Get out and listen to some live music, whatever your taste may be if you haven’t.

Have you seen a live show lately? Fatback will be in the UK for two shows on May 31, at Under the Bridge in Chelsea and also at Stamford Bridge, June 1st in Escher Surrey for the Happy Days Festival. Come and have a day full of music!


Now we all know, that the technology industries are not always on our side when it comes to copyrights. In my opinion, technology industries are only for themselves. Not seeing the way the economy is because of the new technology. It really has messed up the music industries with internet distribution which resulted with a decline in money for performers like us. They like to say but “it has benefited the consumers” but killing the created artists and created a whole new third party. A party that wants to get rid of the copyrights laws as they stand, so they can infringe on your property rights, use it, remake it and sell it and not give us any of the profits. I’m not only talking about pirates big legitimate companies, but a whole new market of using created people works without paying Royalties. Why should they change the laws to satisfy one sector and hurt another? What needs to happen is to enforce what laws we still have. We have in place, already ways to use other’s copyrights, compulsory mechanical licenses as long as you pay royalty for the use of the material. Their problem is, that they don’t want to pay! It’s free to use, they just want to have license to steal.

Where we are now:

We live in a different world now. Not like the way we did in the 60’s and 70’s. Where you could move up in the social class from middle class to the upper middle class easily and getting rich was attainable. That’s not happening anymore. There was a time, when music could provide you with a middle class life style and get rich was attainable. All the smartest and brightest are not going into music & the odds are very low. They are going where the real money, finance, banking and technology are in our new society. Everything has shifted downward and slowly getting rid of the middleclass and good education is hard to come by. And even if you get one, if it’s not from the right school, moving up in class will be long struggle. The internet has affected all our lives one way or another. win and losers I think more loser than win I hope next generation won’t be called the generation of loser and that gap is getting larger between the have’s & have-not’s. If you want close that gap…you just can’t be good at what you do… you must be great! Good and better don’t make it in this new world… you got to start doing things that will make you greater or create things that have never been done. Don’t be a copycat. This goes for anything! Be an innovator, a creator and make a different world. This is what it’s going take if you wanna be rich and rich is like Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, and Oprah Winfrey! Remember “Fame don’t last forever”.

For the weekend:

Catch a live show, be a clown and party like just don’t care… cause Fatback is coming to your city! Just keep watching. See you at the show!

Places on the internet you can find Fatback Band music

For the albums back in the days:
 Ace Records

For all the new music “Bill Curtis and Friends w/The Fatback Band”:
• Reverb Nation


(c) May 2013 Bonnie Cehovet

About Bonnie Cehovet

Bonnie Cehovet is a writer and professional Tarot reader, residing in the Pacific Northwest.
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