Bill Curtis – “Putting Music Back Into Our Lives”

Bill Curtis Fatback Band

Note: This newsletter is from Bill Curtis (Bill Curtis & the Fatback Band). It is being reprinted with his permission.)

“2013” is the year to put live music back in our lives… Wishing each of you a successful and wonderful musical year. I want drop a few things on you to help you start your year out right. This is not the “Gospel”, just from my experience and observation. If you’ve going to pursue music as occupation and career, first sit down work out a business plan with short term and long term goals. It doesn’t have to be like opening a restaurant kind of plan. As simple as where you want your music to take you and where you want be musically in the next few years . Why short and long term…it’s rewarding to reach a goal. I only had long term goals when I started out it made the journey seen so long. If you’re planning on staying in this business for life you should be investing in a way that you be able to play and record and get your music out fast and regularly to people for long time, that means you should build your own home studio. You would want to invest in a van… it’s a must and also a P.A. system. Before you hit the road, make sure your online presence is up.

You need a website, professionally written bio and a photo. 3 or 4 song CD’s (well recorded) are your calling card. It is always good to have on your website, if possible, a video of the band performing in front of actual live crowd. Also, be ready to stay on the road for long periods of time. Learn how to manage your money and to do things as cheaply as possible. Don’t blow your money, don’t let the internet pimp you, because it can nickel and dime you. Use it for what it’s worth! It’s a tool to help, to give you freedom to make choices. Beware… the internet is the new gatekeeper. Be very careful, there are many sites out there just to exploit you 100%. You’ll never see any money from them. Right now, there are more sites out there exploiting and taking than helping. If the internet’s help is that great, why are there so many musicians out of work? Don’t spend all your time on the net, it can’t get you work. It can’t build you up a vibrant fan base,( there are a few exceptions)…it  get your music heard. Spend your time on your craft, innovating , creating a great song. This is what’s going to get you out there. Be around professional musicians that are doing the same thing you trying to do one’s that are making money in Business ,but be yourself, know who you’re and be true to your passion. This will help you build your following transparency.

Before I go too far I want to give you my definition of Professional musician: a person who will spend forty or more years perfecting his musical craft as a full time job for life.

A Wannabe Musician: plays music as hobby, sometimes on weekends or use music as means of getting out of the house to party. This means music is not his 24/7 Passion. The wannabe musician’s days are numbered and soon will end. Perseverance and Consistency is what it take in today’s world, always been that way. Just set yourself up for the long haul. There’s money out there to be made!


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Bonnie Cehovet is a published writer and professional Tarot reader, residing in the Pacific Southwest.
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