Merry Christmas From Bill Curtis & the Fatback Band!

(The following newsletter is being shared with the permission of Mr.Curtis.)

Bill Curtis

Merry Christmas and a Funky New Year
A Big Thanks to all of our Fatback fans that joined us in the UK at Street Sounds 30th Anniversary and the Party People at Hoochie Coochie in Newcastle you Guys really know how to make a Band feel good, we had a ball. For you guys that didn’t get free copy of our new music you can go to our web site and join our mailing list. I will e-mail you a download and if you want any of the old music and if I have it, I will send it too.

The Fatback Band would like to take this time to wish all our friends and fans Happy Holidays and may 2013 be the year all your dreams come true. We’re so graceful to have fans like you that have supported us for so many years and thanks for telling your kids about the music you danced to, how else would they know, when some wasn’t even born when we made “Do the Bus Stop” I know, because I hear it at the gigs they coming and tell me my Mother or Father used to party to your music. We thank you!! “Bus Stop” was recorded four decades ago and Sunday night in Newcastle we had to do a “Bus Stop” encore and there wasn’t that many people in there over the age of thirty five. That’s what’s good about soul music, it never dies. Long live the funk!!

The first of the year I want you to take a good looking at yourself (I will too) see where you are in your career. Are you still living in the past, are you exploring the future? If you aren’t looking forward, you’re gonna be like the Buffalo… extinct. As you know we’re living in the information age, everything you want know is at your fingertips online. Don’t be out of the loop, know for yourself what’s happening, and that goes for music, too. Listen, see what they are playing and buying in jazz, funk, R&B, and Neo-Soul. The young musicians out there are createing new music with all those new tools at their disposal. We didn’t have them when we was coming along; they’re making music that fits the modern day market. A lot us say there’s no good new music out there, like it was back in the days. Well, they said that about be-bop when Dizzy and Bird started changing the course of jazz music.

We happen to be living and watching the dying of an old mode of doing things. New frontiers are opening up, and we’ve got to get on board. I for one was reluctant about gettin on board, I had one foot in the past and one in the future. Now I have both in the future but a lot of lessons was learned from the past. If you’re still making albums or even thinking about doing one— well—if you just want to do one for yourself and few friends or you got money you just want to burn, go ahead and do it. This is the Future (no pun intended) no one has the time to listen to albums. We’re living in on-demand world, an overload of anything. If you want to hear something, just go to YouTube… Voila!

Ownership is not the thing now. Fans want to custom-make their own album mixes. If you do make an album, don’t release as an album, feed it to fans one track every month or two; you’ve got to stay in there heads with some new music all the time. I remember when Fatback was releasing something every four months. That was unheard of then, to stay in the fans’ minds. The way to draw fans is to write a great song.

Merry Christmas and a Funky New Year!

(c) December 2012 Bonnie Cehovet

About Bonnie Cehovet

Bonnie Cehovet is a published writer and professional Tarot reader, residing in the Pacific Southwest.
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