Music Revolution

Chris Rizik is talking revolution in the music world! Yes, he really is! See the article here – What he has to say is something that I for one am not surprised ot hear – and that is that what he terms “Old” music (aka catalog music) is officially new music for the first time EVER! (This according to Soundscan, the music industry’s sales tracker. )

Music stats are evolving … according to Rizik, music sales are moving from the under 25 crowd to the over 30 crowd. The commonality for the over 30 crowd is that (1) they love music, (2) they feel underappreciated by and underrepresented by the major music establishment. These may be stats, but, at least for me, they are accurate. I am over 30, love music, and trend towards the Indies, because the major labels don’t have what I like. Another interesting stat – Rizik includes music labels, to broadcast radio, to the Grammy’s in his assessment. (Come on … did you feel that the Grammies represented music you wanted to hear, or even well represented categories?)

He makes a very good point is saying that the music that is being pushed today is for teenagers. Where is the “grown people” music? Popular music is focused on electronic dance tracks that do nothing to recognize true musicianship. Rizik makes another excellent point in that this is happening just at the time that a large part of the music audience is being alienated, just at the time that they are flexing their economic muscle as never before. I have read this article over several times, and it feels as if it describes me to a tee!

I love that Rizik compares Big Government, Big Business, and Big Music! Listen to Unsung episodes, listen to interviews with old school people in the music field, and this is exactly what you will hear. Actually, you hear it from up and coming musicians too … at least from the ones that want to actually be a part of, and contribute to, the heart of music.

Kudos to Rizik for noting that women over 30 are a major source of music sales, that there is very little out there for us, and that the major labels have been slow to react to fill this gap. See that doorway over there? The one in plain sight? That is where the Indies have been slipping in! I love Indies (in all worlds … music, print, art, dance … I just love the Indies!) They bring us what we want, in the best manner possible.

Chris ends this article with ways that the music loving audience can make their voice heard. Share your favorite artist on social media sites, like Twitter, My Space, Face Book, Google +. Chat about them online, “like” their Face Book pages, bookmark their sites, and bring them up in conversation with friends. Support your favorite musicians by purchasing their CD’s and attending their concerts. Do whatever you can to spread the word about the “grown music” that you want to hear!

© August 2012 Bonnie Cehovet

About Bonnie Cehovet

Bonnie Cehovet is a published writer and professional Tarot reader, residing in the Pacific Southwest.
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